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泰國慶典 - สลากย้อม สลากภัตร (sà-làak yɔ́ɔm / sà-làak pát)Salak Yom 和 Salak Pat 慶典

Salak Yom 和 Salak Pat 慶典每年在泰國傳統節氣農曆十二月(泰國佛教曆法)舉行,今年於西曆 8 月 27 日至 9 月 2 號在南奔府 Wat Prathat Haripunchai 舉行。

Salak Yom 是一種用彩色紙裝飾的高竹建築(見圖)。結構使用竹子,布料,食物,水果,蔬菜和佛教僧侶的八種必需品建成。在儀式的第一天,Salak Yoms 將被帶到寺廟遊行。第二天,Salak Yoms將捐贈給僧侶。此外,活動還包括活動和 Lanna 在文化道路上的音樂表演,銷售食品,Salak Yom Parade 和 Salak Yom 樹比賽。而 Salak Pat 一種奉獻僧侶的方式。通過抽籤來分發食物或信徒的禮物僧侶。

Salak Yom and Salak Pat Ceremony held every year during the 12th of the Thai lunar month according to the Thai Buddhist calendar, take place from 27 August to 2 September this year in Wat Prathat Haripunchai, Lamphun province. A Salak Yom is a tall bamboo construction (see the pictures) decorated with colorful paper. This construction contains house utensils, cloth, food, fruit, vegetables and the eight necessities of a Buddhist monk. On the first day of the ceremony the Salak Yoms will be brought to the temple in a procession. The next day the Salak Yoms will be donated to monks. In addition, the event include activities and Lanna musical performances on culture road, selling food, Salak Yom Parade and Salak Yom tree contest. Salak Pat is to give offerings to monk in the form of lucky draw style.

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