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 A Journey into Thai Culture at Kau Yan School!

We are the Thai Cultural Association of Hong Kong, and we are thrilled to announce the successful hosting of a spectacular Thai cultural exchange event at Salvation Primary School at the end of January. This special occasion was aimed at fostering cultural understanding and exchange, allowing students to experience the rich culture and traditions of Thailand up close.

 Highlights of the event included:

 Experiencing traditional Thai attire, showcasing the dynamic beauty of Thai culture.

 A creative paper umbrella crafting workshop, where students painted traditional Thai art pieces, sparking their creativity.

 A language interaction corner, teaching students basic Thai phrases, opening new doors of communication.

We believe that such cultural exchange activities not only enhance students' understanding and interest in Thai culture but also inspire them to appreciate and respect the diversity of the world.

We want to thank the teachers, students, and all participants from the school for making this event so special. Let's look forward to more such cultural exchange opportunities in the future, building a more open and inclusive world together.

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