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我們非常高興地宣佈,上星期五在我們尊敬的泰國總領事官邸舉行的泰國文化協會顧問委員會就職典禮圓滿成功!充心感謝泰國總領事借出官邸,和副總領事นางสาวรณิดา ฉ่ำเฉลิม (MISS RANIDA CHAMCHALERM)做我們當晚典禮的主持。

這是一個充滿歡笑、文化交流和慶祝的夜晚,我們感謝每一位出席的嘉賓。 在這裡,新任顧問委員會成員正式宣誓就職,承諾致力於促進我們社區內的泰國文化與傳統。這個晚會不僅是對新顧問委員會成員的歡迎,也是對準備卸任的2023年活動委員會過去一年辛勤工作表示感謝。


我們感謝領事及其家人的熱情款待,並對所有支持我們活動的義工、會員和朋友表示深深的感激。未來,我們期待舉辦更多這樣的活動,進一步加強我們社區的聯繫。 讓我們攜手共創更加繁榮的泰國文化社群!

Thai Cultural Association Advisory Committee Inauguration Ceremony 2023-24

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Thai Cultural Association Advisory Committee Inauguration Ceremony, which took place last Friday at the residence of our esteemed Thai Consul General! We are wholeheartedly grateful to the Thai Consul General for lending the residence and to the Deputy Consul General, Miss Ranida Chamchalerm, for hosting our ceremony that evening.

It was a night filled with laughter, cultural exchange, and celebration, and we thank every guest who attended. Here, the newly appointed members of the Advisory Committee officially took their oaths of office, committing themselves to promoting Thai culture and traditions within our community. The evening was not only a welcome to the new members of the Advisory Committee but also a gesture of appreciation for the hard work of the 2023 Event Committee preparing to step down after a year of dedicated service.

Highlights of the evening included a speech by the Consul, acknowledging and valuing the work of the Thai Cultural Association, the signing of a cultural charter by the new Advisory Committee, and a feast of delicious cuisine. This gathering was more than just a meeting; it was an opportunity to showcase our rich cultural heritage. We thank the Consul and his family for their warm hospitality and express our deep gratitude to all the volunteers, members, and friends who support our events. Looking forward, we anticipate organizing more events like this to strengthen the bonds within our community. Let's join hands to create an even more thriving Thai cultural community!

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