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泰國政府近日除組成百人救災團隊,同時亦派出了2名訓練有素的救援犬Sahara 和 Sierra前往土耳其,以協助當地的地震救援工作。這兩隻狗具有高超的搜救技能,能夠在倒塌建築物中尋找生還者。他們將與土耳其救援隊伍緊密合作,幫助救出更多被困在殘垣斷壁中的幸存者。 這次派遣救援犬的舉措體現了泰國對土耳其地震災害的關心和支持。它也顯示了泰國對地震救援工作的承諾,並確保了救援行動的順利進行。 我們對這兩隻救援犬表示敬意和感謝。他們的專業技能和犧牲精神將會為土耳其帶來希望和溫暖。我們希望他們能夠安全並且順利地完成救援任務,並繼續在未來為我們社區做出貢獻。 讓我們繼續支持泰國救援隊,並為受災社區祈福。 Thai government recently dispatched a group of rescue team and two well-trained rescue dogs น้อง Sahara and และน้อง Sierra to Turkey to assist with the earthquake relief efforts. These two dogs have excellent search and rescue skills and can search for survivors in collapsed buildings. They will work closely with the Turkish rescue teams to help save more survivors trapped in the rubble. This deployment of rescue dogs reflects Thailand's concern and support for the earthquake disaster in Turkey. It also shows Thailand's commitment to earthquake relief efforts and ensures the smooth operation of the rescue mission. We salute and thank these two rescue dogs. Their professional skills and spirit of sacrifice will bring hope and warmth to Turkey. We hope they can complete the rescue mission safely and smoothly and continue to make contributions to our community in the future. Let's continue to support Thai rescue team and pray for the affected community.

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