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Thai Culture Association of Hong Kong is a charitable institution founded to promote Thai Culture in Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform to Hong Kong people to learn more about Thai culture and to promote unity between Thai and Hong Kong People.

Unity is strength 

Our Vision and Mission

Thai Culture Association of Hong Kong is a non-governmental organization with the simple objective of promoting Thai Culture through related activities, seminars, classes and exhibitions.


Our audiences would be people who live in Hong Kong that wish to know more about Thai culture. Through offering  information and events, we motivate interested parties to learn and to truly understand more about the country in different aspects. It is also our goal to assist people with Thai-Hong Kong background to learn more about Thai culture to achieve understanding and harmony at both family and societal level.  

With dedicated supports from specialists in various fields, we hope that the Thai Culture Association of Hong Kong can act as a medium in bringing closer ties, better understanding and enhancing unity between these two places.

Our Mission

Our Team

Our board members are all distinguished professionals in their own specific field. We are committed to the stability and projection of TCAHK as a non-profit organisation. With their diverse expertise and multicultural backgrounds, our management team bring considerable insights and experience gained to the development of the TCAHK.

We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to contribute to our work. There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer or work with us on a project basis.


What do we do?

We provide regular classes for Thai language and other cultural-related workshops. Our basic Thai language courses comprise of levels 1 to 6, and at Level 6 students shall go to Thailand to experience various Thai culture and the life of local Thais. Upon graduation, students should be able to read, speak, listen, and write Thai. We also offer customized corporate training and team building focused for potential business investors in Thailand. 

We regularly distribute information about Thailand and Thai culture on different platforms. Our platform includes our web page, Facebook Page, Instagram, Weibo and many more. The information provided includes Thai language tips, Thai festivals, Thai culture, social phenomena, etc. We produce 
our own videos and we also cooperate with different media to produce Thai cultural themes publications and videos.


Our Alliance

TCAHK is proud to have collaborations and partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies and institutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us and become our alliance!

We Need Your Support Today!

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