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颱風暹芭 大家知道西北太平洋的熱帶氣旋是由世界氣象組織颱風委員會內的成員國命名嗎?而暹芭一名便是由泰國所提供。 暹芭 Chaba 是泰文 ชบา (chá-baa) 的音譯。意思是朱槿,亦即是香港所稱呼的大紅花。 Typhoon Chaba Did you know that tropical cyclones in the Northwest Pacific are named by members of the World Meteorological Organization's Typhoon Committee? And the name Chaba is provided by Thailand. Chaba is the transliteration of ชบา (chá-baa) in Thai. It means hibiscus, which is also known as the big red flower in Hong Kong. #tcahk #thaicultureassociationofhongkong #typhoonchaba #颱風暹芭 #thailanguage #thaiculture

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